The Marina

     The Argentario Approdi Marina is located in an exclusive and unique position in the area of the Monte Argentario. The berths at our disposal, located along Via del Molo in the Porto Vecchio of Porto Santo Stefano, represent the normal continuation of the Lungomare and of the marvellous Piazzale dei Rioni of Porto Santo Stefano.

     The berths offered by  Argentario Approdi make you entirely live the beauties of Porto Santo Stefano. In the promontory of Monte Argentario, sea and nature represent a real paradise for sailors and for men, who are passionately fond of the sea, which is full of naturalistic wonders of rare beauty, which are easily achievable with any type of boat.

     Moreover, it is to be underlined the nearness to the seven pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago, which represent only one alternative to the extraordinary uncontaminated coves, which are made of the crystalline water of our territoty.
Besides the services on the quay, thanks to the really central location in the Piazza of Porto Santo Stefano, within the radius of few hundreds metres, it is possible to find hotels, bathing establishments, restaurants, night-clubs, bars, or any other hotel business and trade for tourists.